The Unique Purple Wedding Dress

Upon hearing purple wedding dress, people may be shocked. It is because typically wedding dress is in white color or at least vintage. Because purple color as the wedding dress is considered rare, it makes the dress unique to be worn by the braid. Though it is unique, the wedding dress should show some formal look since wedding is sacred occasion. If the wedding dress looks to informal, it makes the situation of the wedding less serious. Moreover, it is also inappropriate to be seen by the guest if the dress is too weird.

In order to make the dress formal, simplicity should be the priority. It means, the dress should be in simple texture, simple gradation, and simple accessories. One nice example A-line purple wedding dress which is divided in two different sections. The upper part is for bodice, and the lower part is for the skirt. The bodice has darker purple to create separated division of the dress clear, and it does not have any sleeve. The upper part can show the women’s body pretty well if the fabric is delicate enough, and that will be cool for women.

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The lower part of the dress which is basically skirt is designed like a layer of feathers. It can be seen that the lower the skirt, the greater the thickness of the skirt. Since it is designed that way, any woman who has trouble in their lower body can be benefited by this design. For the color, softer color of purple will be used to give variation of overall dress. Though it is divided roughly in the middle of the dress, yet the design is still cool. Moreover, this purple wedding dress is suitable for anyone since women can wear A-lines dress nicely. In addition of that, the dress is also look formal since it is simple, and not too exaggerating.

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