The Meaning Of Red Wedding Dress

The red is identical to boldly, cheerful, suitable for you to your wedding, marriage a cheerful color gown will be added to the Trousseau you who performed red gown will probably be the choice for women and soul cheerful, enthusiastic and brave, colors are very compatible with various skin, if your skin a little black match, with dark colors like a rose. To look like color gown beautiful, red wedding dress uses quite a proper bloom luxurious new mounts up to the surface. Color shirt bride has a very deep meaning for some people, the colors that wearing a bride higher to dominate indigenous peoples and cultures of the bride.

For example, for the wedding customs China habits, the Chinese use the trousseau red, the Chinese believe that the color red color is good luck, with the hope that his nuptials to marriage which is always brings luck. For indigenous peoples Medieval, a bride woman is obliged to use the trousseau velvet cap. Blue, for indigenous peoples was believed the blue color is a symbol of purity. The meaning of red wedding dress color of the bride is not much begins in Indonesia. However, there are some common in customs Indonesia, namely Indonesia more dominant in Javanese bridal clothes, traditional kebaya or modern.

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The Indonesian people will come down decreased believes that to get married with kebaya, then a bride will be made king and queen in a day. Kebaya symbolizes male and female past, sons and daughters on the symbol of marriage is a hope loyalty between the king and queen. Indonesia is the country that is filled with various tribes of the nation, there needs to preserve traditional wedding, the same as customs Minang, who has chosen married in the gown, dresses red velvet cap. Red wedding dress cap indicates a bride shouted with joy and cheerful, parents’ bride happy with the new daughter-in-law that will increase the number of families in indigenous peoples in Minang.

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