The Irish Special Claddagh Wedding Rings

If you want to use special way to represent something, especially in a marriage, then Claddagh wedding rings are perfect for you. Claddagh rings are originated from Irish, specifically from the village of Claddagh. It’s a traditional ring used by Irish people to express love, loyalty or friendship. It is constructed with three different parts; the hands, the heart and the crown. The hand works as the ring’s band, it represent the friendship. The heart is the main ornament that act as the main decoration of the ring, it represent love. The crown, which is put above of the heart, represents loyalty. The way this ring represent things is somehow explicit and unique.

Things that are represented by this ring are perfect for marriage. Every marriage needs friendship to keep the closeness and togetherness. It also needs love; something essential that becomes the reason of the marriage itself. Loyalty is unquestionably needed; no one wants their partner to move to other heart.

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The way Claddagh rings use to represent what their bearer wants is what makes this ring special. It is very different from other ordinary diamond/gold rings used for wedding. The Special Claddagh wedding rings can be a special gift for someone special in special moment.